Have you ever interviewed an outstanding candidate for your team, only to lose the candidate before you could hire them? It happens more often than you might think. While there might be a multitude of reasons a candidate doesn’t accept the job offer or actually start work, incorporating these techniques into your hiring process will increase your chance of hiring success.

  • Set a timing expectation for presenting an offer, and then keep it. When it’s a candidates’ market, like it is now, great candidates have a multitude of options. Companies that make timely decisions and present timely offers get the best candidates most every time. I’m not saying that you have to rush and make hasty decisions. You have to set reasonable expectations for making a decision and presenting an offer. If a candidate has an offer already but would rather work for you, they might be willing to wait for your decision if they know when it will come. If an expectation hasn’t been set, or met, candidates will stick with what they know over what they don’t know.


  • Sell the offer. When presenting a candidate with a job offer, show the candidate that you really want them. This is not about money and perks as legally detailed in the offer letter. This is about creating an emotional tie to the company so that signing the offer is a no-brainer. Call the candidate yourself and go over the offer with them, uncover any concerns and overcome them. Tell the candidate how important they will be to the team and how much the team thinks they will be an important part of their success. Even if the candidate has a higher offer someplace else, most of the time, they will go where they feel needed and appreciated. And the extra effort didn’t cost you a dime.

Interviewing great candidates doesn’t count for anything unless you can actually hire the right one and stay within your budget. When used in concert with each other, these 4 simple tasks can actually save you time and make a huge difference in your hiring success.


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