Beyond just ‘finding candidates’

Contrary to what most people think, finding candidates for open positions is the easy part. We’ve been doing it well for over 20 years. Interviewing and Hiring the right candidate is the more challenging part…and the only part that really counts.

Think of it this way: Candidates are like the ingredients of a gourmet meal. The hiring process is how those ingredients are expertly put together to make a meal worth singing about. We are master chefs, hat and all.

Here is a taste of how we can help. Contact us to find out which ones will make the biggest impact for you.

Job Descriptions

  • Write comprehensive job descriptions that promote the job and the company
  • Create ideal candidate profiles based on current successful team members

Hiring Processes

  • Design (or redesign) the hiring process to maximize candidate selection and retention
  • Design interview and selection timelines that coordinate candidates and stakeholders
  • Create custom interview questions for hiring managers to find the unique information they need
  • Conduct or participate in candidate interviews

Employer Branding

  • Design an employer value proposition to attract the best candidates

Training & Guidance

  • Train hiring managers and interview teams on effective (and legal) interview techniques
  • Assist in onboarding new hires
  • Conduct exit interviews to uncover hidden issues. They also contribute info to the ideal candidate profiles.