You are unique and your business goals are unique.

If you need to hire someone for your team, here are some ways we can start the conversation. Keep in mind; these are options that can mold to your specific objectives.

So, let’s start the conversation. Contact us to discover just the right fit for you.

Contract Consultant – The right fit only when you need it

  • You are the final hiring authority.
  • You are billed a simple hourly rate – all of your expenses are known.
  • We handle all payroll issues, benefits, taxes, and employee paperwork.
  • RecruitWise® Contract Guarantee  – This gives you the luxury of a ‘working interview,’ just to make sure the contractor is the right fit.

Contract-to-Hire – The try-before-you-buy approach

  • Same features as Contract Consultant during the first 6 months.
  • After 6 months of contracting, you have the option to hire the consultant for no additional fee.
  • RecruitWise® Equity Builder Guarantee – Even with contract-to-hire placements, our Equity Builder Guarantee still protects the placement for 6 months.

Direct Hire – The right fit for a long time to come

  • A simple one-time recruiting fee.
  • Candidate becomes your employee from the first day.
  • RecruitWise® Direct Hire Guarantee – A replacement guarantee for up to 6 MONTHS.

Small Business Solution – The right fit for a long time to come…on a tight budget

  • Direct Hire placement fee is amortized for up to 6 months.
  • RecruitWise® Small Business Solution Guarantee – Same guarantee as Direct Hire, even though the payments are spread out over several months.