It has been a pleasure to work with you and your staff. You delivered quality on-target candidates in a timely fashion, provided valuable hiring guidance, and have been professional, courteous, and gracious throughout the process. You have definitely won a long term client.

Darryl H.

Great attentiveness and openness. When I signed up to work as a contractor they were with me every step and they assisted me in all the needed tasks and requirements. The pay in my field was great for the area and I always could contact with questions and get an answer very quickly. Great company to work for. Very transparent and fair.

Elizabeth E.

I would like to thank all of you at RecruitWise for your support.  Terri, I have loved working with you!  You have always been kind, supportive and prompt whenever I had any questions!  Kudos!  A job well done!  Thanks for everything and may your future be bright and wonderful! You are a wonderful temp service and I couldn’t say enough good things about the company!  Pass my compliments along!

Heidi F.

… I was pleasantly surprised by your outfit. You guys were great to deal with and presented me with a candidate whom I feel very confident about. In the end, you’re also going to end up being less expensive than the “traditional” hiring process we went through for my other software guy.

John K.

RecruitWise was able to find and present us with several capable people to choose from and we finished the project with the help of those resources. They provided some assistance in managing the contractor/client relationship, too, facilitating communication between the programmers and our Project Lead. RecruitWise handled all aspects of the business relationship while requiring no commitment from us.

Ben P.

Wow, great start right of the block!  (Your candidate) and I talked for about 40 minutes and I was quite impressed.  We will be in touch to work out bringing him in for a face to face, I just wanted to say thanks for the upfront work and providing such a quality candidate.

Kent S.

As a hiring manager, I have always been happy with RecruitWise, specifically Stan Crawford. He actually called me 5 minutes ago to congratulate me on my promotion. What works great with him is that I give him detailed feedback on every person that I interview, and he adjusts his recruiting based on that feedback. He becomes very good at the filtering. He had found out through other channels that I had interviewed individuals through other recruiters, and he stated to me that he had filtered those out and wanted feedback if he had done so improperly. Those interviews had gone poorly, so it reaffirms that he is good at understanding his clients.

Richard L.